The best LED strip lights for bedroom can be your game changer: it’s 2021 (thank God) and after many days of confinement you finally understand that your room needs a twist. Lighting is your answer. We leave you the 12 best ideas for a radical change in the LED lights in your room.

luces led habitación tendencia

1- beD headboard lighting

Lighting the headboard of your bed is a trend that you can apply using the best LED strip lights for bedroom in 2021.

You have 2 options:

Option 1: use your headboard light as the main light of your room. For this you must install the best LED strip lights for bedroom headboards to accentuate.

Option 2: use the light from your headboard only as a decorative element. For this you must install a decorative LED strip with fewer lumens.

luces LED habitación cabecero de cama

2- install lights on the EDGEs OF YOUR BED

luces LED habitación interior cama
Interior designed by Caola Vannini. Photography by Stefano Pedretti.

Lighting the edge of the bed is a growing trend in interior design magazines and photos.

Without a doubt, this type of futuristic lighting is here to stay in modern and high end rooms.

By illuminating the edge of your bed, it will look like a floating element in space, giving it full prominence.

This type of lighting IS NOT SUITABLE for all types of beds.

It is generally used in beds with wide bases almost at ground level. Otherwise you would be lighting the legs of the bed.

The best LED strip lights for bedroom lighting on the edges of beds or any other furniture is with decorative, low lumens LED strips lights

3- use warm white color temperature

The best LED strip lights for bedroom color temperature are warm white lights, undoubtedly. 

If you also add high CRI, you will not only have a beautiful environment but also see the real colors of things just like on an HD TV.

Warm white creates relaxing, romantic and especially elegant and luxurious environments. Everything you need in your own room.


luces led habitación fondo de cama
Foto de FORM architectural bureau en behance

A wonderful idea for bedroom lighting is to create a false wall or false ceiling framing your bed.

If you also add texture you will complete the design.

To shower the wall in light you must install the best LED strip lights for bedroom to accentuate. These LED strip lights has enough power to bathe an entire wall and also become the main ambient light in your room.

5- niche lighting

If you have niches in your room, a good idea is to light them.

This will add volume and a touch of design.

Also, in the dark, lighting the niches is a good option when you only need low light and don’t want to illuminate the entire room.

The niches should always be illuminated with the best LED strip lights for bedroom whether ultra-thin or decorative, according to your needs

luces led habitación nichos

6-use walls to bounce out light

luces LED habitación baño de pared

We will give you an idea of lighting that great lighting designers use in their projects:

Use the wall as a bouncer to shower with light the entire space.

For this you must use an aluminum channel that has 45 degrees of internal design. Separate it from the wall about 20 cm and bathe the wall with light.

You must use the best LED strip lights for bedroom capable of creating ambient light, meaning, with enough power.

You will see how the whole room will be bathed in a homogeneous light with a spectacular effect.

7- use lines and designs on the ceiling

Lighting with lines on the ceiling is an option for the most daring as it implies a very modern design.

Ideal for futuristic rooms.

In LUMSTOCK you will find a pre-designed KIT with bars ideal for creating lines on the ceiling.

8- the cold white color temperature

Let’s be honest : white color temperature is ideally used for environments that require concentration or with a neat healthy feeling.

It is also ideal in white goods or household stores where glassware is prevalent.

However, for lovers of white rooms, this temperature, more than a risk, is a beautiful option when it comes to design.

In rooms where white predominate as the main color with any other neutral color as a secondary color, white temperature are the best LED strip lights for your bedroom. The results will be a very elegant, chic and magical.

9- use unconventional objects

If you are not a lover of decorative lamps and do not want holes in the ceiling of your room, you can use unconventional elements to generate light.

A great idea is to use a flat, linear aluminum channel that emits bi-directional light. You can use it in your room or in any space in your house as a mood light.

In our store we have a ready to installed kit called DOUBLE SHOT

luces led habitación lámpara moderna
Jacobsen Arquitetura Project

10- Do retro lighting

luces led habitación detrás de la tv

Lighting furniture from the back is always a good idea for design.

Furniture looking as if it where floating through light always modernizes any environment.

Remember that the best LED strip lights for bedroom hidden behind each piece of furniture must be protected within a channel to extend their useful life by protecting them.

There are LED strips for micro applications ideal for these cases: light within very narrow spaces.


A closet with beautiful light from inside is only possible thanks to LED strip lights.

You can install lights in the tubes where the clothes go with a special LED channels for wardrobe or install lights on the shelves with rigid LED strips.

The ideal temperature is neutral white.

luces led habitación armario
imagen de POLIFORM

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Linear LED light systems are so versatile that you can place them in any position you want.

Who said they are only for being installed on ceilings?

Dare to install them on ceiling AND on walls making super modern continuous lines.

luces LED habitación barras techo y pared
imagen de Studio57

The photos used in this post are reference photos used as inspiration for lighting rooms with LED lights.

Learn more about lighting understanding lumens and CRI in our BLOG

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