With good quality LED light strips you can turn your home into that sanctuary so necessary today for your comfort and relaxation.

In these times where staying at home is more of a personal health and safety situation, it is necessary that our spaces be more pleasant and livable for each hour of the day.

It’s not necessary that you make major transformations, nor hiring a large payroll of employees and workers to achieve your goals of beautifying your home.

With good quality LED light strips you can make big visual changes without having to make major physical changes to the space.

Good quality LED light strips will refresh your spaces and your life.


good quality led light strips for home decor


– Longer lifespan: the life of LED light strips is even longer than that of LED bulbs / bulbs

– Greater energy efficiency: when installing LED strips for decorative or home-specific LED lighting, 60% fewer electrical points are used, which means significant savings, not only due to the low consumption characteristic of decorative LED lighting but also due to the less amount of electrical installation.

– High quality: The good quality LED light strips is widely recognized by designers, architects, interior designers and lighting specialists because there’s no other lighting system that offers the lighting ranges and versatility that LED light strips offers

– Amount of light: to this day, there is no lighting system that offers the versatility in number of lumens that good quality LED light strips offers. From very low lumens or specific color LED decorative lighting to ultra-high lumens specially for large spaces ambient lighting

– Safe installation

– High CRI: This means that good quality LED light strips will allow you to see colors in their true tones. No distortions, no excess of brightness or contrast problems.

In this article  you can learn the tricks that great lighting designers use, however here we will give you some simple ideas to use lighting Decorative LED and specify in your home:


In the kitchen, possibilities of using good quality LED light strips is endless!

Their most common use is installing good quality LED light strips under furniture and kitchen cabinets to provide more direct light on countertops, dishwasher, etc.

The light that we recommend to place under the kitchen furniture is at a neutral temperature, with a high CRI to be able to see well and in detail everything that is done there.

If you have doubts about what color temperature to use in your home spaces, you can check this post where we explain how to choose the ideal temperature


good quality led light strips for the kitchen

This good quality LED light strips kit from Lumstock is perfect to install in the kitchen. Comes with a LED aluminum channel to protect the LED strip from grease, water and steam

However, you can also place good quality LED light strips under the kitchen cabinet, in order to beautify the space or perhaps give a subtle light and guide for the nights and not leave the space in total darkness.

This Lumstock’s kit is very useful for decorative LED lighting in the kitchen

In the kitchen you can also use ambient lighting, which is different from decorative LED lighting, its function is to give general light to the entire space.

For ambient lighting in the kitchen, we recommend using good quality LED light strips in a warm temperature, between 4000 and 4500K. This kit from Lumstock could also be very useful.

For the more daring, where the kitchen is the center of the home for gatherings with friends and family, the colors provided by good quality LED light strips RGB are ideal.

Make sure to use good quality LED light strips RGB low power. Today the world of the internet is full of many options. We recommend that you guide yourself not by price but by quality.

You may find useful to take a look at the options available in this collection of LED lighting to decorate.

iluminación LED decorativa con colores para la cocina


For living room lighting there are many possibilities with good quality LED light strips.

From the use of good quality LED light strips hidden in furniture, cabinets, borders and frames to the use of decorative or ambient LED lighting for the space in general.

Also, if you have stairs or a staircase in the common areas of the home, installing LED light strips in the handrails, treads or risers beautifies the space, makes it look more luxurious and generates visual comfort for mobility in the dark through the space.

In this article you can read everything about staircase lighting

For general LED lighting of the space we recommend using this kit. Where you can place an aluminum channel on the ceiling surface with a good quality LED light strips in it of about 880lm / m with a temperature from neutral to warm.

With decorative LED lighting you have several options to beautify the living room:

use colored lighting to bathe the space, 

use specific decorative LED lighting in niches, edges, skirting boards, etc. or 

use lower range RGB color lighting for specific decorative details 


buy led strip lights decorative light


In the room we have been used to having a couple of bedside table lamps and perhaps a ceiling lamp.

But this has changed. A room can be greatly enhanced just by using accent, ambient or decorative good quality LED light strips.

You can place good quality LED light strips inside an aluminum channel on the headboard of the bed, on the ceiling around the bed or on the edges between the walls and the roof 

Also inside the room, you can consider lighting inside your closets as any high-end interior designer does: using ultra-thin strips of LED lights inside aluminum channels.

Check out this collection of good quality LED light strips kits to see what are the decorative LED lighting options inside a closet or dressing room. 

Finally, today good quality RGB LED light strips for decorative purposes in the room are very trendy. Especially in the kids rooms

Fill your teen’s space with good quality LED light strips that doesn’t create unpleasant glare, that are long-lasting and safe for teens.

That’s why we recommend using good quality LED light strips when thinking of decoration with lights.

Look to use a 5050 chip  for a subtle light or 4040 chip if you want a space completely filLED with color. 

Also make sure to install your good quality LED light strips inside an aluminum channel. This will ensure you to avoid the annoying dots of light that can be generated with some cheap LED light strips and thus also ensure protection to the lights and the user of the space.

Iluminación LED decorativa para la habitacion


For bathroom lighting there are many options.

Check this article from our previous blog posts where we explain in detail how real professional of lighting, designs a bathroom for a luxurious atmosphere.

As lighting design is based on layers of light, we want to give you some ideas of what are the possible layers that you can use in your bathroom.

The first thing you should choose for your bathroom lighting in your bathroom is ambient light.

Many people make the mistake of using small punctual downlights in their bathrooms as if it were ambient light, which creates very visually uncomfortable spaces with many shadows.

For ambience lighting in the bathroom you should use a good quality LED light strips inside an aluminum channel placed superficially on the ceiling.

By using the aluminum channel for good quality LED light strips, you are guaranteeing the protection of the LED strip lights from the steam that is naturally generated in any bathroom.

This means that you do not need an IP20 LED strip but you do need an aluminum channel with the appropriate sealing.

In this way you also ensure a shower of light in the space thanks to the 120 ° angle that the LED strip will generate being inside the aluminum channel.

Iluminación LED decorativa y especifica para el baño

This kit from our Lumstock website has been specially designed for bathroom ambient lighting and could be very useful.

In the bathroom, you can also take advantage of good quality LED light strips meant for decoration.

You can install a good quality decorative LED light strips around the mirror to beautify it or even one that emits more lumens to help you perform certain tasks in front of the mirror with comfort.

If you dare, you can place good quality RGB LED light strips to complete bathroom lighting turning it into a true chromotherapy space for your relaxation and comfort.

If the mirror ,where you plan to place the decorative LED lights, there’s risk of splashes or humidity, it’s preferable that you use silicone strips.

It is very important that you take the architectural design of the bathroom into consideration when deciding what type of LED light strip will be the ideal for your bathroom lighting.

Iluminación LED decorativa para el baño

As you can see, there are many options for your home lighting with good quality LED light strips for decorative, accent or ambient lighting purposes.

Here we give you some last quick ideas:

– Outdoor spaces decorative, accent or ambient lighting.

– To give intensity and decorative strength to art

– To make your at-home workspace more pleasant

– Behind screens and tvs

– To highlight particularities of architecture.

As you can see, with the use good quality LED light strips offers many options to beautify your home. No matter what space you are looking to illuminate, you will get a luxurious and renewed atmosphere.

Enter to our website where you can find any type of lighting solutions for your home: 

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