Interior design styles using LED strips? Let’s first talk about what a professional LED strip is (you’ll end needing them)

You can’t talk about interior design styles without knowing what’s a professional LED strip at a technical level: a professional LED strip is an electrical circuit that contains a light source.

Light arises from the movement of electrons in a semiconductor material that has the particularity of being flexible and linear. It is also adjustable to any space and without risk of overheating or burning.

Easy right? 

Now that you’ve understood what is a professional LED strip, let’s talk about:

3 reasons to use them in your next interior design style and make it not only memorable but very different from the rest. Let’s get started:

1.- Professional LED strips are a versatile resource with countless applications in interior design styles.

Interior Design Styles with LED Strips to highlight your project

There is no a single type of professional led strip. It is an almost infinite market! Many people think there’s only one type of LED strip, but they’re wrong. 

It is important to know that Amazon LED strips or IKEA LED strips will not always fulfill the requirements you are looking for when it comes to an application in interior design.

All LED strip models have multiple subcategories and classifications and not all LED strips are professional. 

When making your interior design project with LED strips it is important that you learn their classification so that you can apply them according to what you have in mind. You can subdivide them like this:

  • LED strips with different powers: these are translated into LUMENS and will depend on how much light you need in your interior design style.
  • LED strips with different color temperatures: you can use LED strips to create warm white, white  or neutral white environments depending on the feeling you want to convey in your interior design style.
  • LED strips with different levels of energy consumption: here plays an important role the electrical and distribution network where these LED strips will be installed.
  • LED strips with different interconnection capacities: taking into account that each case and each interior design project is unique, the LED strips must be prepared to connect between each other and complete the task of lighting a complete room regardless of its size.
  • LED strips with different levels of waterproofing: this is a very important category for those working in design and projects since there are LED strips for outdoor, for interiors, mixed spaces or spaces with specific environmental conditions.

All these qualities mean that an apparently simple, light line can be used either in confined spaces or in large spaces or from a small shelf to the edge of a building. 

The versatility offered by LED strips will not be found in any other lighting system and will be the key differentiating element of the design project.

2.- LED strip bars have unlimited designs and applications ideal for effects in different interior design styles

diseño de interiores con tiras LED permite la inserción dentro de cualqueir mueble

A really marked and important difference between a decoration with an LED strip and an application in any interior design style is that LED strips must be installed on aluminum channels.

This is for the following reasons:

  1. To dissipate the heat emitted by the diodes in a balanced way throughout the led strip regardless of its size.
  2. To ensure a harmonious installation regardless of the location where you want to illuminate. This way, an appropriate light distribution and an easy installation of the lamp are achieved.

This means that channels where the LED strips are inserted have a very high versatility. 

They can be installed anywhere: floors, ceilings, walls and create the EFFECT that the designer wants in his interior design project.


They can be superficial, embed or suspended in the width that best suits the requirements of the interior design style or project.

There come also with opaque, translucent or transparent light diffusers that generate different effects in the design and light projection.

Basically the right combination LED strip + aluminum channel will provide a huge variety of possibilities for any interior design project

3.- With LED strips, the size and shape of your interior design style is what you want

A project based on professional LED strips in combination with the best aluminum channels will have the proportions your imagination and creativity desires.

If you have in mind using in your interior design project LED strips to turn a whole interior wall as a reflector to paint with colored light an entire space is not something crazy that is only found in your imagination.

It is something that with traditional lamps would make it very difficult, nearly impossible, for you to achieve.

With LED strips there are no limits on the proposals, especially when they can be developed at the costs and installation speed offered by quality products.

In conclusion, today all those architects, interior designers, builders, or individuals who want to illuminate a space or do an interior design project would be missing out on great advantages if they use a any other system rather than professional LED strips.

This means that the LED not only has a major versatility in interior design styles, but they also represent greater savings. 

Working with professional LED strips represents fewer luminaires and therefore less material in the installation. Meaning less man hours in the facility.

Let’s not forget that professional LED strips will also help us  to have cheaper electricity bills thanks to energy saving.

Remember also that when you go to buy your system, Amazon LED strips, Ikea LED strips or Leroy Merlyn LED strips are mostly decorative, NOT PROFESSIONAL LED strips for interior design… 

      …therefore not always will meet the expectation to illuminate correctly. 

Take advantage that you are here and find out in this article why LED strips 220V are not always your best choice in design:



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