Maybe you are asking yourself, why is it important to know what LED lumens are.

Many people after buying an LED strip lights write in their reviews: “the LED strip aren’t bright enough”. To prevent this we must stop blaming the LED strip lights and understand that it’s the people making bad choices.

And this happens because we don’t understand LED lumens.

LED lumens, quick guide
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LED Lumens (lm) is the measure used to determine the amount of visible light from a light source.

The higher the number of LED lumens the “brighter” the light.

It is also very important to understand that the amount of LED lumens in a luminaire is not proportional to the amount of energy it consumes.

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The time to think about LED lumens (lm) is always before buying an LED strip lights.

Take advantage of the fact that you are learning how to select suitable LED strip lights for your project and take a look to this guide to also learn tips on “how to choose LED strips Part I”

For a successful lighting with a satisfying result, we must first plan what we want to illuminate and how much we want to illuminate it.

One of the main characteristics of professional lighting is that it must be adapted to the space, not only in temperature but also in “brightness” (LED lumens)

Here’s an example so that you can understand it better:

Imagine you want to do a baby’s room lighting, a dentist’s waiting room, an office, or the shelves of your home bar.

LED strip lights should not only be chosen for their color temperature. We must also adapt the brightness (lumens) for an optimal result.

In the baby’s room we want to create an intimate and relaxing space. We cannot place a very bright LED strip lights because we can disturb the newborn.

In a dental waiting room we want people to be calm and relaxed. It’s not a very good idea to use a bright LED strip light because then we would be stimulating the senses of the patients, but it is necessary that people do not feel in the dark.

In an office, on the contrary, we need concentration and see everything quite brightly. In this case, the brightness of the LED strip light is essential to avoid working in the dark.

On the shelves of a house bar we just want to give a touch of light to the bottles. If the LED strip lights are very bright, they would damage the ideal environment to enjoy with friends, therefore the less they shine, the better we will achieve the effect.

Therefore, it’s not true that “bright” LED strip lights are better than dimmered LED lights. It is about adapting the LED lumens to the space’s needs.

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There is no single answer to this question, because there is also a factor that most people do not think about except professional lighting designers: light bounces.

If you do lighting for a certain space and the light bounces off a surface that can multiply the glow effect, then you will have more light than calculated with LED lumens alone.

We often have this situation with light bouncing off form marble, white surfaces, walls with light or bright colors, bathtubs or a sink.

So don’t think about LED lumens all alone… think about the bounce effect and how to take advantage of it to have more light.

Now, there is a general rule that will help you a lot to get an idea about LED lumens and brightness level:

From 180 to 300 lumens per meter = decorative LED strips lights for domestic use and short lifespan.
From 360 to 600 lumens per meter = decorative LED strip lights.
600-900 lumens per meter = slightly brighter decorative LED strip lights.
From 720 to 1,080 lumens per meter = professional LED strip lights to accent and lighting spaces. PRO lighting.
1,200 to 1,800 (or more) lumens per meter = professional LED strip lights for big spaces lighting. PRO lighting.

Remember then that the trick to buy LED strip lights is to know THE LED LUMENS and play with them to bounce off the light. If you think about LED lumens in advance, we assure you that you will never make a mistake again when buying an LED strip light and you will know how to choose it according to their brightness and your needs.

If you have any technical questions you can connect with us from the chat on our website www.lumstock.com or send an email to info@lumstock.com

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