Do you think that doing a master bathroom renovations on a budget is a utopia?

Do you think that saying “reform the bathroom” is synonymous with rubble, dust, disabling of space, workers, work delays, etc.?

Nowadays master bathroom renovations with a low budget in a fast and simple way is totally possible.

Fortunately, with the digital world being our main learning resource, there are many tutorials and articles to document ourselves, learn and acquire new skills that allow us to carry out simple home renovations such as a master bathroom renovation.

In this article we will show you 5 small and inexpensive changes that are easy to make yourself on your master bathroom renovations without the need for extra workers

Before giving you 5 tips for your master bathroom renovations, you should ask yourself the following questions:

– What is my budget?

– What are my expectations?

– What is the color palette I want to use on my master bathroom renovations?

– What is the bathroom style that inspired me?

Once you are clear on these 4 points, it is important that you start your research online.

Look for online stores that accept your local currency and deliver to your area.

Amazon and EBay are excellent options to buy everything you need for your DIY master bathroom renovations.

60% of the success of the master bathroom renovation and what will truly create big radical change, is the new lighting.

For lighting, use high-quality professional lighting solutions.

Go to our online shop where you’ll everything needed for your home lighting.

But we will get deep into this point later.

Table of contents

master bathroom renovations under 500$


The paints have developed enough adhesive capacity to be able to paint bathroom tiles and thus be able to do a whole DIY master bathroom renovations quickly.

You should first thoroughly clean tiles. Removes grease, limescale and dirt from the surface.

Before continuing to paint, ventilate the bathroom well and make sure it is humidity free.

There are different types of paint. The special ones for bathroom tile painting are the epoxy type and then you can seal it with resin.

There are also resins that already bring the color. Are a bit more expensive but it will save you time and work.

Reformar el baño tu mismo pintando las paredes


The lighting of any space is key to make a space look good or bad.

A modern design space with expensive furniture is useless if the lighting is poor.

Today there are (fortunately) LED lights to get great results with very little work.

But make no mistake, there are many types of LED lights on the market and of all kinds of quality.

We recommend you to choose professional LED strip lights within an aluminum channel for LED lights to generate the desired effect.

There are many reasons to prefer them, you can read them in this article.

LED strip lights guarantee you real energy savings, unsurpassed quality of light, great design possibilities, subtle and homogeneous light.

In addition, a line of light is much more moderate and luxurious than many points on the ceiling that can create uncomfortable shadows.

This is why to have a successful master bathroom renovation you cannot leave lighting aside.

For the master bathroom we will always recommend using LED lighting in a neutral color temperature. This is ideal for getting the true colors of things and with enough detail for personal tasks like shaving, putting on makeup, etc.

Neutral color temperature is the most similar to daylight, which generates greater visual comfort.

By using LED strip lights inside an aluminum profile, you guarantee to bathe with light the entire space in a homogeneous way, avoiding lighting directly above sanitary pieces as if they were sculptures

Also, with LED strip lights you will avoid light bouncing off the glossy porcelain that can cause uncomfortable flashes.

At Lumstock we have created a series of home lighting kits with everything you need for easy installation. You can check here the ideal kit for your master bathroom renovations

The kit is designed so that you can install it using the existing electricity points in your bathroom. It is very easy to install, that is why is perfect for a simple master bathroom renovations


Reformar el baño tu mismo con luz de diseño


In every master or family bathroom there is always need for storage: daily linen, articles for personal hygiene and / or toiletries.

There is usually a small space available for this purpose. Either under the sink, in a mirror cabinet or in a corner.

For storage, look for an inexpensive furniture on a website such as Amazon or Ikea that is made of some material resistant to water or steam and that goes hand in hand with the decorative style that you have chosen in your initial plan.

To avoid mistakes, read the technical details such as measurements and materials of the furniture you like before buying it. Also read all the recommendations of the article from other users.

Look for a functional piece of furniture with your needs in mind.

Make sure it’s perfect for the type of item you want to store there.

If you want to upgrade a basic piece of furniture, you can paint it and add an ultra-thin LED strip lights in it for shelves and interior spaces lighting.

Check out this accent kit with LED light strips ideal to illuminate a piece of furniture of this type.


reformar el baño tu mismo con mueble de baño funcional
Reformar el baño tu mismo con uso de mobiliario


When you are doing or planning to do a master bathroom renovation, one of the main concerns is faucets.

These pieces play an important role in the renovations that can be made to a master bathroom.

Before you rush and run to buy a new set of faucets (they’re not cheap), consider the following:

  • Are they fully functional?
  • Do they belong to the same set of taps and keys?
  • Does the color they have go well with the chosen color of tiles and decoration in general?
  • Do they have any water escape?

Once you’re clear about these points, then you can continue with several paths.

If the faucets are functional but deteriorated, you can consider buying a special product to polish and clean them.

Use inexpensive, easy-to-access products like vinegar and baking soda.

If they’re functional but the color does not go well with the new style of master bathroom new renovation you can always paint them.

Prepare the space and the faucets very well before painting them.

Use anti-corrosive and water-resistant paint such as a chrome paint, liquid vinyl or acrylic paint (ideal for matte colors) suitable for metals.

Use spray preferably for a defined and homogeneous finish.

If the faucets have function or structure problems, it is preferable to invest in new ones according to the new decoration of your new master bathroom.

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The mirror is a key piece for any bathroom.

It is the final character of the bathroom, in addition to being a priority in the use of space.

In order to ensure that you have successfully renovated the bathroom yourself, give a final touch to the space with a very special mirror.

You don’t necessarily have to buy the most expensive one.

But you can make any mirror, even better.

To make the mirror extra special, add light. You have two ways to do it:

– Use a kit of decorative LED strip lights, which do not emit much light, to beautify the space. You can check the technical details of this kit here, perfect to decorate with light and ready for you to install it yourself

– Install a kit of LED strip lights to accentuate with light, such as this kit CRI 97. With an ideal amount of light to be able to apply makeup, shave, comb or perform any detail action in front of the mirror with all the detail you need. This kit is for a master bathroom renovation as it is very easy to install


Reformar el baño tu mismo con luz en el espejo

As you can see, a master bathroom renovation is very simple. You can do it with a fairly controlled budget and since it is an operation that does not depend on extra labor, you can do it at your own speed and pleasure since the bathroom would not be disabled (except for a few hours while the paint dries) .

There are many other things you can do to complete your master bathroom renovations or just to give a final touch of modernity and improvements.

Here are these last tips:

– If the space allows it, add plants for freshness.

– Take care of the way arrange towels, look for the most original way to do it.

– Introduce decorative elements such as candles, towels, glass bowls.

– If you do not want to paint, consider the occasional use of self-adhesive vinyls to decorate.

Reforma el baño tu mismo con toques finales

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